Appreciating Works of Art at Footscray Community Arts Centre

Appreciating Works of Art at Footscray Community Arts Centre

For some people, fine arts and the medical industry are two fields that never collide. However, others find these two worlds bond. I actually agree with the latter. As a medical practitioner, I see no boundaries when it comes to appreciating the arts. While I spend hours and hours of my daily life in my physio clinic on Hopkins St, Footscray – Capital Physiotherapy, I still take time to visit the Footscray Community Arts Centre. Looking back my younger years, I was fond of sketching and painting. I have all sorts of papers and pencils in my room because I draw just about anything that I imagine. I guess I got this skill from my genes as I came from a family of artists.

Should I not be a physiotherapist today, perhaps I would be holding a paint brush in front of a canvass creating various work of art. Without any regret, I still love my job because I find comfort in treating patients with pain problems. The best way to enjoy both activities is to get involved with events at the Footscray Community Arts Centre.

You may think that the centre is just a venue for exhibits and all sorts of art displays. Actually, there’s more than these. From gigs and performances to film screenings, individuals with artistic sense will surely have a valuable time here. It took a while before I learned about the Footscray Community Arts Centre. While treating my patient with foot disability, she shared her daily routine. Apart from her regular rehab, she drops at the arts centre and engage into some activities together with other persons with disabilities. Her stories moved me and this became the start of my frequent visits to the arts centre.

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There are some days in my week when patients are a few. It is during these times when I leave the clinic early and head to the Arts Centre. Staring at those pieces of art takes not only a minute or two, I admittedly stay long in every artwork. Each painting or drawing has a story to tell and thus looking at it longer makes me understand the artist’s story. I remember during my younger days that you have to grab some inspiration in order to accomplish one piece, and this is what I see at the arts centre. I find my week complete every time I pay a visit at this place.

There’s never a dull time at the Arts Centre. Nearby food establishments can be enjoyed such as the Happy River Café, 8Bit Footscray, Back Alley Sally’s, Slice Girls West and Up in Smoke. My husband and I are a regular customer at the Happy River Cafe for their classic poached egg cooked to perfection and pure bread for breakfast. Fruits in rich vanilla yoghurt are also a great treat. The Footscray Market, which is a few blocks from the arts centre, saves me time for my last-minute grocery shopping.

Although I was not able to enhance my being an artist, there’s the art centre that invigorates that part of me. And it is through one of my patients that I became a fan of this place.