Quality Time Spent on a Cruise in Footscray

Quality Time Spent on a Cruise in Footscray

The market is filled with numerous advertisements for affordable and schedule-friendly trips which anyone would wish to avail. Just around the corner is the Maribyrnong River Cruise, which I took just a few weeks ago. When I noticed had a free time on an afternoon, I grabbed the opportunity to look for an activity which can be done near my Footscray physio clinic – Capital Physiotherapy because I still had to attend to some patients with appointments in the morning. Luckily, I was led to a site featuring the mentioned cruise. If you were to ask me if the 20-dollar fee for a 2-hour cruise is worth it, I would answer definitely!

Footscray Cruise

Given my hectic schedule as a physiotherapist, I kindly asked my colleague to phone the organisers for the cruise and to book my husband and I a cruise. It was easily booked and only $10/head was required as a down payment. The afternoon tour included the following: Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West, Footscray Park, the Essendon Golf Course and Boulevard, art centers, various sport venues, etc.

Believe me when I say that I needed that cruise. If your job is considerably physically demanding, you would have the need to take a break and enjoy yourself once in a while. Others may prefer a walk in the park, taking a tour, going to the mall, availing full body massages and many more. But before choosing any of these, as a physiotherapist myself, I would recommend that you take necessary precautions especially when you are choosing to take a tour while you are physically challenged at the moment.

As a physiotherapist, I help patients who have physical difficulties. Usually, these are caused by injuries, illness, ageing, etc. Depending on the need of the patient, the usual programs in my Footscray clinic are adjusted. Aside from treating patients, I look forward to promoting a better lifestyle and health for them. I do give advice on how my patients can self-manage their case especially physical conditions which will probably require a long time before full recovery.

In my case, I cannot spontaneously get off from work at Footscray primarily because I would prefer helping out patients. However, there have been opportunities where I can both enjoy relaxing and working at the same time. While I was in the cruise trip, I suddenly thought of a job previously offered to me, a physiotherapist on a cruise ship.

Given that I do recommend my patients to go out and enjoy certain activities, I often suggest they go on a cruise. While I make them remember the exercise they can do by themselves, I also suggest that they check whether the ship they will be riding has a resident physiotherapist on board just in case. I have listed some tips on how patient-travelers can better take care of themselves before their next scheduled visit in my Footscray clinic.

  • Watch your diet while on tour
  • Remember to bring and take your medications
  • Avoid activities which can worsen your current condition
  • Do the self-management exercise taught in the clinic
  • Enjoy yourself to alleviate stress

Always remember that life is not meant only for work and survival. It too must have some space for leisure, and that is going on a cruise. With my hectic work schedule as a physiotherapist and wife, I make sure that there is still time spent for pleasure, and one is going on a cruise.