Spoiling Myself with a Piece of My Favourite Burger in Footscray

Spoiling Myself with a Piece of My Favourite Burger in Footscray

Being a medical practitioner in Footscray can be quite a tedious and exhausting life. However, in my case, I make it a point to have time for everything such as visiting my family way back home, enjoying boat cruise along Maribyrnong river and taking yoga classes during weekend. While I ensure living a healthy lifestyle, I also spoil myself once in a while with my favourite 8Bit burger. Hamburgers, as we all know, are high-calorie food which can be the cause of many obese patients in the world. Yes, you become overweight, when you eat high-calorie food frequently and in big amounts. Knowing this, I should be worried.

Footscray’s Best Burger Joint

Dealing with many patients in my Footscray physio clinic, I sometimes lose my energy especially in the afternoon. It is during these times when I come to satisfy my cravings and go for fast food. Yes it can be unhealthy but I only eat burgers once in a blue moon. 8Bit is my “go-to” restaurant when it comes to sumptuous and mouth-watering hamburgers. It is not too far from Middle Footscray Station or Footscray Station. I am a fan of the classic 8Bit with Cheese burger. I’d like to think that burgers with lots of veggies can somehow be quite healthier than the rest. This favourite burger of mine is loaded with tomato, lettuce, pickles and red onion, something for the fibre. Together with the beef patty, every bite is heavenly. One thing I’d like to share is that I don’t like ketchup on my burger. Staff at 8Bit Footscray already know that my burger is customised without ketchup but must have mayonnaise.

Once in a while, it is fine to delight yourself with a gastronomic food that would satisfy your appetite. Everybody deserves a treat, no matter what profession you are in. I absolutely know that burgers fall under junk foods that’s why they shouldn’t be taken daily. Perhaps, once a month is acceptable and thus, burn the calories thru exercise.

There are number of great eateries and fast food chains in Footscray but my attention belongs to 8Bit. They have gluten-free add-ons which for me is a great idea. They have chicken recipes on their menus which are a must-try as well. There are times when my staff and fellow physiotherapists get tired and exhausted in the afternoon and so we call 8Bit for a delivery. I am happy that they loved their burgers too. Each one has his and her own burger preference.

Cravings come and go, and nothing is wrong when you treat yourself from time to time. Whether it be a pint of ice cream, a bar of chocolate or a box of pizza, life can be a little bit exciting with these “cheat day” stuff. Workaholics do need a break too and physiotherapists like me are one of them. Surprisingly, I found a link between my profession and 8Bit branch. One of the managers at 8Bit is my patient and while I deal with her back pain, she takes care of my burger. What a delight!

You can check out a video below about this 8Bit burger!