Swimming at Prahran Aquatic Centre

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes patients from Prahran, a sought after suburb south of our South Yarra Physio Clinic.

I love weekends because this is the only chance I get to spend time with what I love to do – swimming. I am not an athlete nor a varsity player during my college years but I simply enjoy the sport which has been handed down to me by my parents. Yes, my parents are a fan the sport as well however; the difference is that they were popular swimmers during their time. Apart from the close proximity of my physiotherapy clinic to Prahran market, we also have easy access to a nearby sports complex which includes a swimming centre, the Prahran Aquatic Centre.

As a physiotherapist, I always make it a point to keep my body healthy and fit. I may have enrolled in fitness class or hire a gym instructor before but I prefer spending time on swimming. Two hours every weekend is all it takes to achieve my regular fitness regimen. After that, we can roam around the city go for some grocery shopping around Prahran.

My partner, who is also a physiotherapist, is not as athletic as I am. While I indulge into swimming every weekend, he prefers reading the books and surfing over the internet. Anything that concerns feeding the mind is his cup of tea. Since we are both working in the same industry, and the same clinic to be specific, I always push him to engage into any sport or physical activity to make him fit as well. From a series of discussions and arguments, I finally conquered and he has now agreed to enter the gym this coming weekend.

Running a clinic and treating patients at the same is quite a hectic job. I can certainly say that I have to manage time well to be able to attend to everything. As a clinic proprietor I have to spend extra time in the evening to work on some matters such as payroll, hiring a new therapist, business tax payment and others. This take-home job is really exhausting because I have to work even after midnight just to ensure that my homework is done.

What me makes me glad right now is that our clinic is staffed with licensed and experienced physiotherapists who are currently working efficiently as they make patients satisfied. We have a roster of ten new therapists and ten attendants making our manpower more than twenty now.

Despite having a not-so-spacious clinic, we pride ourselves for being efficient in our craft. Having these people manning my physiotherapy in Prahran clinic gives me the peace of mind that our patients are being treated well. I can attend meetings, seminars and other appointments without worrying too much. Work can be a little bit lighter that I can already spend a few hours during weekdays for swimming. I don’t need to wait for weekend to come.

Working as a physiotherapist and swimming are two things which are opposite in nature. One thing that makes them similar though is that both targets health and wellness.