Seeing My Friend’s Kid Performing at Footscray North Primary School

Seeing My Friend’s Kid Performing at Footscray North Primary School

Every year for the past few years, I have always been invited by my friend to watch her kid perform at their annual school performance at the Footscray North Primary School. And this year is no different. From dance numbers to piano recitals to choral singing, there are simply a lot of activities that really showcase the unique talents of these young kids. It surely is a great way to boost one’s self-confidence and be more successful in forming a more positive and healthier concept about oneself. A few years from now, these kids will be struggling with the establishment of their identities that discovering their talents today will definitely spell the difference of a well-defined personal identity tomorrow. It kind of reminds me when I was a kid, too. That is why I always make it a point to attend these events even though I don’t have a kid of my own. The rare chance of seeing the glorious body in motion, in perfect harmony is just a miracle in itself. I also take this chance to hone my skills further as a physiotherapist.

School performers have to prepare a lot; not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, and socially. The latter three are very crucial if these kids want to have a more successful performance, especially if they are going to perform as part of a group. This means that their social relationship skills will have to be harnessed to the hilt so they can communicate and work well with each other. Kids can only do this if they have a more pleasant disposition in life. This is where their emotional skills can come in. It essentially talks about how kids deal with frustrations as well as other emotions. For instance, how will they react to a schoolmate who is not actively participating in their school performance?

Kids at Footscray North Primary School

Technically it’s the same with physiotherapy, too. We don’t simply manipulate joints and massage muscles so our patients’ pains and discomforts will go away. We also have to consider their emotional well-being. We have to listen to their emotional aches and social stresses as these can have an impact on how well they respond to our physical therapy treatments. On hindsight, I once had a Footscray physio patient who actually had no organic problems. As I listened to her complaints, I knew that the treatment we are going to perform will only have a placebo-effect, so to speak. She clearly had no organic problems. Her stress levels are just way above her head that almost every movement becomes a chore for her.

The same is true with these kids in primary school. They may not have the stresses of an adult yet, but I am pretty sure the pressures of academic life are more than enough to bring them stress. Performing at the school serves as an amazing break for these kids from the rigors of primary education. It is their way of enjoying themselves and showing to their parents, families, and friends that not everything in school is about studying; it involves some fun, too.

This is something that I really enjoy watching during these performances. You can literally see the joy painted on the faces of these kids as they perform to the delight of the audience. There is no movement that doesn’t elicit a warm smile on their faces, no tune that is ever filled with sorrow.

Speaking of movement, I am just so amazed at how fluid the bodies of these kids are whenever they perform. They provide a very sharp contrast to the different patients I see every day in our physiotherapy clinic here in Footscray. Most complain of impaired mobility and even pain. For these kids, immobility is clearly not yet in their vocabulary. I just hope that they will really take care of their bodies as they grow older.

This year, I really cannot wait to go see my friend’s kid perform at the school again, as I have done in the past few years (check the image below). This has given me the impetus to further improve my profession as a physiotherapist so I can serve more of my patients in a more effective manner. I may not be able to bring them back to their childhood, but I sure can help them move better like a child’s body. If you would like to know the location of my clinic you can visit this page –