Spending My Mornings at Footscray Park

Spending My Mornings at Footscray Park

Mornings are best when spent in a place you love most. That’s what I enjoy every day when I get to complete my regular 30-minute jog. Around 8am, twice a week, I head to Footscray Park for my routine jog. I love the scent of nature every time I get run through this park. There are times when I even spend more time in this lovely park because the sceneries are just so relaxing. When I get tired and need to take a break from jogging, I seat on the soft green grass and breathe all the fresh air I want. I could say that my day isn’t complete if I don’t get to jog at Footscray Park.

Footscray Park

Being a physiotherapist for about five years now (and with a new clinic in Footscray), I always make sure that my health is in top condition. Apart from taking healthy meals regularly, I incorporate time for exercise every single day. And that’s when I jog in the morning. My favourite jogging spot is the Footscray Park, as what I’ve mentioned earlier.

Work in the physio clinic can be tough. From the moment I set foot on my workplace, a number of patients are already on the queue waiting for me. I can’t complain, because I love my job and treating patients gives me a lot of comfort and satisfaction. Good thing my Footscray physiotherapy clinic is just a few blocks from the park. I can either walk a couple of minutes or even jog at the park just to calm my mind.

Going back to my fitness regimen, I consider jogging for 30 minutes every day, a very healthy routine. This helps me burn all the calories I had the previous day and I also feel that my muscles tend to be stronger. As a physiotherapist, you must have the strength and endurance to treat your patients because you need to support them when doing therapy. At times, you even have to carry patients like kids and senior citizens. Thus, I myself need to be healthy.

The reason why I choose to jog at Footscray Park is because the pathway is very clean and conducive for joggers like me. In fact, you’ll see many health buffs in this place doing their morning and afternoon exercise. Kids and babies are also around enjoying the smoothness of the grassy park as they run around under lively old trees. I am just so thankful that the city maintains the cleanliness and physical condition of this park. A walk in the park any time of the day or any day of the week is such a lovely experience. One thing sure is that you have to do your share in keeping the park clean. In my case, I never litter.

Sometimes, my husband and I do spend some lazy Sunday afternoons at Footscray Park. We just stroll around enjoying the lush greeneries and scent of fresh flowers. We love it more in spring when thousands of flowers bloom and an array of colours can be seen from a distance. I never fail to recommend this beautiful park to my colleagues and patients. There is also