Shoulder Pain in South Yarra

Shoulder pain can be a real drag, impacting everything from your daily activities to your athletic performance. If you’re struggling with shoulder pain in South Yarra, Capital Physiotherapy can be your path to relief and recovery.

Here’s why our physio is a great option for shoulder pain in South Yarra:

Targeted Expertise:

Our physiotherapists are movement experts trained to assess and treat musculoskeletal issues like shoulder pain. They’ll pinpoint the root cause of your pain, whether it’s a rotator cuff tear, bursitis, or adhesive capsulitis.

Personalized Treatment Plans:

No two shoulders are alike, and neither are treatment plans. Our South Yarra physiotherapists create personalized programs based on your unique needs and goals. This might include manual therapy, exercise therapy, and education on managing your pain.

Hands-On Techniques:

Manual therapy can ease pain, improve mobility, and reduce inflammation. Your physiotherapist might use techniques like massage, joint mobilization, and dry needling to get you feeling better.

Exercise for Long-Term Relief:

Strengthening and stretching exercises are crucial for long-term shoulder health. Your physiotherapist will design a safe and effective exercise program to help you regain strength, flexibility, and stability in your shoulder.

Convenient Locations:

Our clinic in South Yarra, is conveniently located in the heart of the suburb in Chapel St. This makes it easy to fit physiotherapy appointments into your busy schedule.

Improved Quality of Life:

By addressing your shoulder pain, our physios can help you get back to doing the things you love, whether it’s playing sports, gardening, or simply pain-free daily activities.

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain in South Yarra, don’t wait any longer. Schedule an appointment with our qualified physiotherapist today and start your journey towards a pain-free and active life. Book now or visit or call us on 0401 865 333.

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