Attending a Function at Hunters Kitchen on St Kilda Road

Hunters Kitchen

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes clients from St Kilda, a multicultural riverside suburb that’s popular with professionals, singles, families, retirees, and hipsters to our South Yarra Physio Clinic.

Being recognized by one of the prestigious physiotherapy associations in Melbourne is truly a pride. While I was busy attending to my patients a few weeks ago, I received a phone call from a highly accredited physiotherapy organization in Melbourne inviting me for a function where I was tasked to give a talk on pediatric physiotherapy. Without a doubt, I immediately confirmed the invitation and said yes. Plenty of ideas came into mind and I felt so excited to share all these with my co-physiotherapists in the country.

The function was held last Friday at Hunters Kitchen in St Kilda Road. I can’t complain, the venue was awesome, the food was great and the ambience is just so perfect for a prestigious gathering. Seeing many familiar faces made me so relaxed and calm. My speech went well and spontaneous, I was just so glad they applauded and approached me during the cocktails. Indeed, it was an event where every single detail was perfect.

Telling the story of how I established my St Kilda Road Physio clinic inspired other physiotherapists to step up and explore on their options in this industry. While many of them are employed in hospitals and medical institutions, others are working as an apprentice while pursuing their studies. I too have passed through this kind of path that is why I can speak so much about making decisions and passing crossroads. In my case, it was education and hard work that pulled me through. Working as a physiotherapist in my own clinic gave me so much pride because I am able to help many patients improve in their conditions and I too am able to train other physiotherapists to work efficiently in their field.

It was a good thing. I attended this function because I also learned new things and information about physiotherapy in this modern era. I truly admire the knowledge and intelligence of my mentors because they have always been very helpful since day one. This gathering was not only about sharing our skills and expertise but it was also an opportunity to bond with one another as we look forward to more innovations and techniques in the line of physiotherapy. The function was a complete success. It ended well and everyone brought home plenty of learning and information.

As the others left the venue, I stayed for a while and explored the place. I really was impressed with the food and great interiors of the building. Should I hold an event in the future, such as a party or any special occasion, Hunters Kitchen comes first on the list. The thing that I like most is that it is situated in St Kilda Road which is where my clinic is located.

Work in the clinic this week was again hectic and busy. My team and I hardly had the time to take breaks but everyone was happy to have served many patients. Being grateful to my staff, I treated them with a hearty dinner at Hunters Kitchen today.