Going to a Winter Concert at Balwyn High School

Going to a Winter Concert at Balwyn High School

UPDATE: Our Bawlyn Physio Clinic has moved to Hawthorn

Winter is coming. Winter is usually associated with long nights of isolation and bouts of weariness. I am happy to say though that Melbourne sure has its ways of having fun this winter season. In particular, the awaited Balwyn High School Winter Concert is going to heat up the town with refreshing music, hearty food, and warm laughters. Anyone who is ready to groove, no matter what age, is welcomed. Teens, young twenties, mid-twenties, or even the forties will surely have room for this event. I, for one, am excited for the said winter concert. It’s going to be a long night of raw, undiluted merriment with a friend whose kid will be performing on stage. How cool can that be?

But of course, winter is still winter, a period where temperature hits really low that our bodies are not accustomed to. Albeit all the wonderful possibilities the winter concert may bring, I firmly believe that we all need to exercise precautionary measures. Much so, if we have youngsters and elderly companions en route to the concert or to any other winter event.

There are possibilities of getting auto immune diseases such as colds, and possibilities of getting injured. Reason why, being a physio in Balwyn myself, I shared some tips to my friend to safeguard our interests. Here are some of them:

First, we need to check the weather reports in advance. Get to know the temperature and the relative humidity. If it rains hails, then better just postpone any event. However if getting outside home cannot be helped, then the least that you can do is to take some safeguarding measures.

Always wear the appropriate clothes. Of course, this seems like an automatic response to winter. Nevertheless, I reiterate this for the sake of those who seem to overlook the simple task of putting on layers during winter. Frost bites are always a possibility under extremely cold conditions. So better cocoon your youngsters and elderly companions from head to foot with garments, gloves, mittens, boots, and any other protective piece you can find. More is always better when it comes to protection.

Bring hot liquids with you. A thermos of hot chocolate or water can bring comfort to your already trembling body. It adds extra warmth to your declining temperature.

Keep your skin moisturized. Winter makes your skin super dry because there is less humidity in the atmosphere. Reduce your shower time to keep you just clean enough without dehydrating your skin. Drinking plenty of water also helps, but definitely not cold water.

For those with existing medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes, you need to take extra care of your health. Asthma attacks will likely to be frequent due to the relatively dry air during winter. Diabetic people will also need to watch their food intake since the body finds it difficult to control glucose during winter season.

Winter also affects your psychological health. We all know the occurrence of seasonal affective disorder or SAD which causes our moods to be slightly down without any justifiable reason. It’s just the winter season, really. It causes a significant drop of serotonin in your body, hence you feel sad or lethargic.

Being a physiotherapist myself, I further reminded my friend to take extra care of her migraine too. Cold temperatures can cause a significant drop in the barometric pressure which consequently heads to headaches. Of course, drinking plenty of liquids and taking medicine can provide relief. But as a physio, I also recommend massaging the right pressure points in your temples, jawlines or necks. Through this, you are able to increase circulation around the areas that directly cause your headache. Little did you know that headaches have different sources and types. There’s tension headache, neck headache, and the medically-diagnosed migraine. Your physio can help you with the assessment of your headache, and can provide you with natural remedy.

Another thing you need to watch out for is the fact that low temperatures can also cause swelling in your joints and limbs. So, I advise those who suffer from arthritis to avoid being outdoors if possible. Or, consult your physio beforehand, because your activities may have to be limited. The winter concert may not be ideal for you at all. There’s also a better way to manage your joint and muscle pain without compromising enjoyment. How? How else, but by attending regular sessions with your physio.

People should now be informed that physiotherapy is not just a corrective therapy. It can very well be used as preventive maintenance for those with muscle and joint problems. Physiotherapists in Balwyn are even more capable to treating winter-related arthritis incidents because they know the adverse consequences of living in temperate zones. Consult your own physio so you know what pain relief methods suit you and what exercises you can undertake to manage your arthritis and other health condition.

Lastly and definitely the most important consideration when going out this winter, is to drive safely. Road accidents may be possible for several reasons: the roads are way too slippery; your knuckles may be painful or difficult to mobilize; and your vision may be blurred due to dry eyes (again as a result of dry winter air). If the worst thing happens, always consult a good physio after an injury, provided of course that your physician approved.

Even if it’s just a minor slip on the floor or a fall down the stairs, you will find that physiotherapy will always come handy, winter or not.

As for me and my friend, we’re more than ready to watch the concert where her child is performing. We’ve taken all the necessary precautions. We only have a slight problem though. Unfortunately, we’ve put on a little “winter weight” due to seasonal cravings and indulgences. Blame the temperature and the metabolism.

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