Importance of Core Strength/Stability

Many people have heard the term core stability bandied but few know exactly what the term actually means. In actual fact, core stability is as important in everyday life as it is in the gym. It helps to prevent injuries in activities such as sitting, driving, gardening, shopping and DIY.

Core stability basically refers to stability of the spine. The “core” is a group of muscles in your back and stomach which help support your spine and keep your body stable/balanced. These muscles are extremely important in allowing you to perform everyday activities safely.

It has been shown that those who do not have good core strength/activation are far more likely to sustain an injury to their back. A weak core also increases your chance of injuries elsewhere as more load will be placed on other muscles.

The core comprises a lot of muscles however the most important muscles of the core are two muscle groups you probably haven’t heard of.

Transverse abdominus

This is the deepest of the abdominal muscles. Think of it as a corset or a weightlifters belt – wrapping around the spine for support, protection and stability.


Is a group of small muscles close in to the spine. These muscles respond to the movement and action of the transverse abdominis. They are also the first to start to waste away in an episode of back pain.

If you are fairly sedentary (desk job). There is no doubt you have a weak core. Combine that with sitting all day and it is a disaster waiting to happen. A qualified physiotherapist can develop a suitable core strengthening program for you which will help prevent injure. PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE!!!

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