It’s PAINFUL help me!

Many people come to see a physio when they are hurt and in pain. This could be due to a sports injury, a workplace incident or more commonly, those niggles that seem to never go away or even gets worse over time.

Whatever it is, pain is only a part of the injury. More than likely, there is a root cause of the pain or injury. You can take medication which will help to reduce the pain but without finding out the root cause, whether it’s next week or next month, it will most likely come back. So what can you do?

It’s important that you get to the bottom of your injury. That is why our consultation is longer than the industry normal, as this gives us a chance to delve deep into your history. At Capital Physiotherapy, our consultation involves a series of pinpointed questioning and movement tests to find out exactly why you are in pain. There may be areas of your body that is too tight or weak. There may be areas that has poor stability and poor muscle activation. Whatever it is, we will find them, provide you with an accurate diagnosis and start the treatment plan straightaway!

Remember, pain is simply a sensation that you feel when something is not right with your body. Panadol can mask the pain and let you do your normal activities, but if the pain continues, it is highly recommended that you see your trusted physiotherapist.
At Capital Physiotherapy, we also do running assessment and work ergonomic assessment. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to let us know if we can help you!

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