Pole Dancing and Physiotherapy

We have talked about how dancing imposes completely different demands on the body compared to many other sports. Pole dancing, in particular, requires very specific set of skills that can create injuries to beginners and can be common cause of overuse injuries if the body is not conditioned well for it.

 These specific skills include:

  • Supporting body weight dynamically (e.g. when your body is moving) on your hands and wrist over minimal support on the pole
  • Significant core control to allow flow of arm and legs movement while holding body in the air (very often upside down as well)
  • Remarkable flexibility and the ability to control it at the end range of motion
  • Good mobility in mid back and lower back for great form in all those rolls and arches.
  • Coordination and balance over little contact on the pole
  • Great body awareness to understand body form presentation in the mid-air
  • Endurance in grips to allow you to flow from one trick to another and to the next and more
  • Good grippy skin for mounts and stability (you know what I mean if you do pole dance)

Physiotherapists at Capital Physiotherapy have sporting and dancing background themselves and therefore have a thorough understanding on dance related injuries.  Our therapists also strongly believe in strength and conditioning not only to prevent injuries but also improve the overall efficiency of how the dancers move during pole dancing.  

At Capital Physiotherapy, we provide a number of services that can complement your pole dance journey:

  • Rehabilitation program specific to pole dancing to assist your return to dance journey
  • Flexibility program to improve your splits, body arches and flow
  • Clinical Pilates program customized to you, targeting the areas that require a tune up in control and strengthening
  • Strength and conditioning to ensure your transition between tricks look effortlessly smooth

It is our pride that you are performing at your optimal potential in this dance and sport.  We can help you with improving your inverts, splits, climbs, body rolls, mounts, handstands and many more.

If you do experience any aches and discomfort or if you simply wants to improve your dancing skills please do not hesitate to contact us on 0401 865 333 or email us at info@capitalphysiotherapy.com.au.

 We look forward to working with you in improving your dancing and fitness!