A Physio’s Perspective: how physios provide swimming injury treatment.

As a physiotherapist, I see a fair share of swimmers in my clinic. While swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, the repetitive nature of strokes can lead to overuse injuries. That’s where we come in! Our role as physios at Capital Physiotherapy is to help swimmers not only recover from injuries but also prevent them from happening again, allowing them to get back in the water and achieve their goals.

Our initial assessment involves a deep dive, figuratively speaking. Our physiotherapists will provide a comprehensive assessment of your body movement. These assessments are designed to ensure we understand why you had the injury in the first place and be able to provide you with a diagnosis.

Manual therapy techniques like massage and joint mobilization become our toolbox to address pain and inflammation. Imagine gently loosening up tight muscles and improving joint range of motion, paving the way for a smoother recovery. But it doesn’t stop there. Our physios will also prescribe specific exercises that target the injured area and strengthen the surrounding muscles. For example, a swimmer with shoulder pain might benefit from exercises that focus on the rotator cuff muscles, the little powerhouses keeping the shoulder stable.

It’s not just about the physical; our physiotherapists take a holistic approach. They can recommend pain management strategies and guide swimmers on modifying their training routines to avoid further aggravation. Think of it as coaching them through the recovery process, both physically and mentally.

The road to recovery can be long, and motivation can wane. That’s why you can trust us at Capital Physiotherapy to provide you with swimming injury treatment. Our caring team will help you to overcome the physical and mental aspect of an injury; they can be frustrating!

So don’t hesitate and contact us now via our website: www.capitalphysiotherapy.com.au or call us on 0406 067 105

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