Best Clinical Pilates Class

What is Clinical Pilates?

‘Pilates’ is a type of exercise that primarily focus on the development of the core postural muscles with help our bodies to balance and essential to support the spine.

Clinical Pilates are exercises that are specifically tailored to individuals as rehabilitation pre and post injuries or to help improve sports performance.

Pilates taught the importance of breathing and correct alignment of the spine

It’s been said that sitting is the new smoking, but chances are you’re not giving up your desk job. Living in the 9-to-5 (or 6 or 7) office life can be demanding on our health and wellness. In reality, hunching over a computer, typing furiously and staring at screens all day, is having more of a negative impact on our body than most people might think.

Principles of Pilates

  • Centering- increase the true core stability by strengthening the deepest back stabilizers as well as pelvic floor and the deepest abdominal layers.
  • Concentration- to increase awareness of our spine and pelvic position. Bringing full attention of the position of your body to each exercise
  • Control- slow but precise control of the movement to teach individual the absolute balance control that their body can achieve
  • Breath and Flow- to be able to maintain steady breath while doing exercise in order to learn to transformed exercise learnt in Clinical Pilates class to more functional activities and daily living and sports situations.

Myth about Clinical Pilates/ Core stabilities

Core stabilities is NOT

  • Six pack
  • Being able to do hundreds sit ups
  • Do plank for 5 minutes
  • Being able to ‘brace yourself’ in any position

True Core strength and stability is:

  • Being able to control spinal movement with strength and flexibility during dynamic movement
  • Ability to coordinate fine subtle control of muscles that controls the trunk rather than just abdominal muscles
  • Ability to adjust the level of control and refine the level of muscle firing depending on the situation at hand.
  • Creating a stable base for the limbs to work at their maximum potential
  • Allow smooth transition of body movement.

Who is suitable for Clinical Pilates?

Anyone who would like to improve their body awareness and improve the efficiency of their body function would benefit from Clinical Pilates. However, Clinical Pilates are especially recommended for

  • People with injures (any form of injuries, ankle, arms, legs, back, hip, neck etc)
  • People who suffer from chronic conditions
  • People who would like to improve sports performance
  • Pre and post-natal women

It is crucial for you to seek advice from a physiotherapist to have a proper diagnosis for your back pain. At Capital Physiotherapy, our physiotherapist specialised in treating spinal injuries. We will assess and provide the best rehabilitation program tailored specifically for you, to get you back moving and exercising better than ever!

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