Eating Out After Work in Balwyn

Eating Out After Work in Balwyn

Working as a physiotherapist at Capital Physiotherapy can mean working a bit longer than those who work the usual 8-5 jobs. This is because a typical Balwyn physio clinic is open for business until 7 pm or maybe even longer. This way, we can also accommodate clients who work full-time and are unable to make earlier appointments.

Despite the long hours, I love working as a physiotherapist, because it allows me to help people through their problems with body pain, injury or even issues with their weight. I sincerely believe in promoting good health and exercise to the people in my community, which is why I entered this field as well.

However, as a young married woman, I am also not tied down to my career only. Part of what I promote is having a balanced life. That means, career, exercise and good social connections are key to making people healthy and happy. It is important for me to have time as well for myself to relax after work, and spend quality time with my husband. Indeed I am fortunate because working in the trendy and lively Balwyn makes this easy.

Not only is going out important to wind down after a long day of work and to catch up with the important people in my life but having access to great food that is also nutritious is vital. As a physiotherapist, I try to keep myself in shape and in perfect health as an example to my clients. Thankfully, just outside my office are lots of great choices of places to eat. In fact, finding the best restaurant in Balwyn can be tricky, as there are easily quite a few options out there.

Being one of Melbourne’s most exclusive areas, it has one of the best atmospheres for dining out, with the lush greens and beautiful architecture all around. For couples like me and my husband, it can be a romantic and relaxing environment for a date. The highlight for me, to be honest, is that some of them are just steps away from the clinic. Meaning, even if I have clients until closing time, I just need a few minutes to prepare myself and I am ready for a date close by. Now that’s work-life balance!

The variety of restaurants will have to be the second best point about Balwyn. Here you can find places that offer more nutritious options than a fast food restaurant. Therefore, finding delicious but also healthy food is easy. At the same time, many different cuisines are available for those who like to try new things. From authentic Asian food (Thai, Malaysian or Chinese, among others), there are some traditional Italian places for some comfort food as well.

From exotic dishes with different herbs and spices to more familiar pasta and pizza, Balwyn offers them. Each of these cuisines has healthier options for those who are watching their intake, and meet everybody’s taste or preference. In my time working at the physio clinic, I have never run out of new restaurants to try out with my husband. Having so many options does not just make it less boring for my palate, but it gives me a very good variety of food in my diet.

The next great point has to be the liveliness of the area. In fact, some restaurants do tend to get full on certain days, so getting a reservation is always a great idea. Many other people also flock to Balwyn to eat out so it can be busy, but in a good way, very full of life as well. As a young married woman, this is the perfect scene after a long day’s work. Meeting friends and catching up on each other’s lives is fun in Balwyn, relieving you of any stress from the office.

All of these points are important for me when deciding where to go out for dinner. Because of my line of work, my work hours are not the same as others’. However, this does not stop me from enjoying my personal time.

By having these restaurants just outside my office, I get to continue to do two things I enjoy the most. Conducting my physio sessions, helping clients recover from injuries or simply introducing exercise into their routine, is my life’s career. I sincerely derive joy helping them achieve their fitness goals. Therefore I cannot imagine leaving my job just because it hinders me from having a more active social life. Thankfully, Balwyn offers me, and at the same time, our clients, a way to go out afterward. It is just a matter of setting your priorities and managing your time Intelligently.

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes patients from Balwyn, a sought after suburb northeast of our Hawthorn Physio Clinic. Balwyn is popular with families bringing up children, as well as trendsetters, professionals, singles and retirees.