House Maid’s Knee

What a funny name for an injury! But what is it? 

This injury is commonly seen in patients who work or spend most their time on their knees. For instance, floorers, carpenters and in more historic times house maids who scrubbed floors thus the name, “House Maid’s Knee”. 

So, what is it?

House maid’s knee occurs when the bursa or fluid-like sac, that sits on top of your kneecap becomes inflamed from repetitive kneeling. Normally the bursa decreases the friction between the skin and kneecap but sometimes it can become inflamed and irritated when there is too much weight-bearing and loading on the kneecap. This can cause swelling, heat and inflammation leading to restricted movement and increased pain at the front of the knee.  

Thankfully, house maid’s knee can be easily treated by a physiotherapist. A course of anti-inflammatories can be taken to help reduce inflammation along with applying ice to the knee to decrease swelling. After this, stretches will be prescribed to reduce friction around the knee along with strengthening exercises to help support joint during movement. 

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