How to Get Your First Pistol Squat

In order to learn how to get your first pistol squat, we are going to show you some stretch and progression exercise to help you get to your first Pistol Squat!

To do your first pistol squat you not only need strength but a lot of people actually fail to do pistol squat properly due to their lack of flexibility in their hip and ankle so in this video.

We’ll show you some exercises that will help you improve the quality of your one leg squat and hopefully help you learn ways and strategies on how to get your first pistol squat. 

Many people require pistol squats for their sports such as figure skating sit spin, MMA, advanced yoga moves etc.

Learning how to get your first pistol squat doesn’t come easy. But in this video, we are going to teach you step by step on how to get your first pistol squat.

If after trying out all these hacks and tips and you are still experiencing difficulties, it might be time for you to seek some professional help.

Here at Capital Physiotherapy we can help you accurately diagnose and treat your aches and discomfort as well as helping you achieve your fitness goals.

If you still have issues with your pistol squat and wish to seek more personal advice. We strongly encourage you to book a session with one of our fully qualified physiotherapists here in Capital physiotherapy. Our physiotherapist will be able to give you more individualised advice that is tailored for your particular needs.

At Capital Physiotherapy, your initial appointment is 40-60minutes long. This allows our physio to be thorough in their assessment, as well as giving them enough time to give you treatment on the same consultation! 

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