How to do a Split for Non-flexible People?

Dying to do the splits? Before you embark on the (possibly grueling) journey to splits-ability, you should know that it’s not just a cool party trick—being able to do the splits also comes with some real fitness cred.

Do you always consider yourself as inflexible?


You can’t touch your toes? All your fitness instructors/ health practitioners have told you that your lack of mobility and flexibility is keeping you from getting better, faster?

This video is exactly for you!

If you are starting a new sport that requires you to do a split, dancing, aerial silk, figure skating, yoga, MMA  or maybe you are just trying to be more flexible that this is what we are going to show you now.

In the beginning it will feel painful and almost like you are tearing your legs apart lol, the pain might even linger on for about 1-2 days after but about 4-6 weeks these pain should start to feel much much better, you will still feel the stretch but not in extreme pain anymore.


Keeping in mind these exercises are of general nature and do not take your injuries/history into considerations. In order to fully rehab your discomfort you will still need to continue to progress to harder and more functional strengthening exercises that are specifically tailored for you, in order to feel pain free while working.

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We can help you lead a healthier and pain free lifestyle.

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