Tips and Exercises to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

Due to the relaxant that is release to your body during pregnancy to prepare for labor, your ligament will all be loosening and our lower back especially right at the tail bone area (SIJ), this structure is mostly stabilised by ligaments, hence when your ligaments are all loosening up, and you don’t have the muscles strengthen to stabilised this structure, it becomes painful when you are moving.

I’ll show you some tips and exercises that you can do to help relieve your back-pain symptoms.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain (SIJ pain) is pain felt at or near the sacroiliac joints of your pelvis as a result of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. These are joints located at the 2 dimples of the lower back. The pain often feels deep within your lower back and can occur on one or both sides of your back. In some cases, pain radiates down to the buttock and the back of the thigh.

While pain may begin at any time during pregnancy, SIJ pain on average begins in the 18th week of pregnancy and becomes more intense as the pregnancy progresses. The pain usually spontaneously resolves within 3 months post delivery. But in some cases it can become chronic and disabling.

This video will educate mother-to-be on SIJ pain, when and how it happens, and what should be done to treat this issue.

If you do suffer from back pain, I highly suggest you seek professional help ASAP.

At Capital Physiotherapy we can accurately diagnose your pain and give you tips and strategies to help make your pregnancy journey a smooth and pain free experience.

Keeping in mind, these exercises are of general nature and do not take your health injuries/history into consideration. In order to fully rehab your discomfort, you will still need to continue to progress to harder exercises that are specifically tailored for you,  in order to feel pain free while working or exercising.

Here at Capital Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are the experts in helping you to fix your issues as well as all the discomfort that comes with it!

We can help you lead a healthier and pain free lifestyle. 

Our physiotherapist will be able to give a full assessment on you and come out with individualised advice/ treatment plan that is tailored for your particular needs.

At Capital Physiotherapy, your initial appointment is 40-60minutes long. This allows our physios to be thorough in their assessment, as well as giving them enough time to give you treatment on the same consultation! 

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