French Cuisine: My Gastronomic Delight in Prahran

French Cuisine: My Gastronomic Delight in Prahran

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes patients from Prahran, a sought after suburb south of our South Yarra Physio Clinic.

My love for French cuisine can never be forbidden even at my busiest days at the clinic. Lunch time is always a hearty feast for me because I get to eat at the best French restaurant in Prahran – Chez Olivier. Ten minutes away from my physio clinic, I make it a point to travel this distance just to satisfy my palate with sumptuous French dishes. As we all now French cuisine is branded as one of the best in the world. And when you enter the city of Paris, a chain of lovely restaurants will welcome you. The fact that Chez Olivier is here, why spend a fortune and go to Paris. Busy people like me can hardly have the time for traveling. Good thing, an excellent French resto is within reach. Not just an ordinary restaurant, but an upscale world class dining place.

As a physiotherapist, life can really be draining at times. Just imagine, I have to attend to 15-20 patients every single day. Treating one patient at a time is a great deal of work, which for me is exhausting at the same time regarding. Of course, I am thankful that they patronize our clinic services, however, I wish that I can add more time in one day and be of help to more. Seeing my patients improve day by day is such an achievement. This is why dining at Chez Olivier during lunch break is such a treat. As a hardworking therapist, I feel that a feast of sumptuous French is something that I deserve.

What do I love best at Chez Olivier in Prahran? Well, the restaurant ambience is so ‘Paris’, you get to feel the lovely city at any time of the day. I cannot resist the classics – pissaladerie with anchovies, baked Camembert, Moules Marinières, Pot-au-feu, Pan-seared Foie Gras and Blanquette de Veau. For dessert, there should always be creme Brulee and lemon Madeleines. Thinking about all these dishes before 12 noon makes me drool every time. No wonder French cuisine is labeled as one of the world’s finest.

When food comes to mind, it’s always Prahran’s Chez Olivier that I have to suggest. I even recommend this restaurant to my patients while performing therapy. It’s really funny because food is a common topic while treating my patients. Surprisingly, it is a pleasant topic to talk especially which helps establish rapport with patients. From desert to entrée, the stories doesn’t come to an end. Before we know it, the session is over.

I always tell my staff to spend lunch or dinner at Chez Olivier because the food is absolutely brilliant. Since, this Prahran restaurant is close to my physiotherapy clinic, they won’t be late catching up for 1pm clock-in. When late afternoon strikes, and my tired arms can no longer prepare dinner, I just have to dial their number and order food for me to pick up on my way home. Such a convenience and appetite is a hundred percent satisfied. Chez Olivier Prahran is a must try!