Heel Pain

Waking up with heel pain in the morning?

Do you experience heel pain first thing in the morning when you take your first few steps going to the bathroom?

If you are experiencing pain at this part of your heel, you most likely have what we call Plantar Fasciitis or the new term as we were told it’s called “plantar fasciopathy” or “plantar fasciosis”.

The plantar fascia is a thick, weblike ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot. It acts as a shock absorber and supports the arch of your foot, helping you walk.

Too much pressure on your feet can damage the ligaments in turn causing this structure to be inflamed or degenerate faster making it painful and stiffness.


  • The pain is usually worse in the morning when you take your first steps out of bed
  • if you’ve been sitting or lying down for a while, the first few steps that you take will normally be painful
  •  Climbing the stairs can be 
  • After prolonged activity on your feet causes it to flare up and People with plantar fasciitis don’t usually feel pain during the activity, but rather just after stopping.

So how can we fix this problem?

  1. Ice and anti inflammatory drug
  2. Change footwear with good support and heel pad 
  3. Golf ball stretches
  4. Calf stretch

Here at Capital Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are the experts in helping you to fix your foot issues as well as all the discomfort that comes with it!

We can help you break this habit and lead a healthier and pain free lifestyle. 

Our physiotherapist will be able to give you individualised advice/ treatment plan that is tailored for your particular needs.

 At Capital Physiotherapy, your initial appointment is 40-60minutes long. This allows our physios to be thorough in their assessment, as well as giving them enough time to give you treatment on the same consultation! 

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