Helping Our Middle Park Neighbour

Being a new resident in Middle Park gives me the peace of mind that I no longer need to travel long distance just to reach my physiotherapy clinic. In fact, I sometimes get up at 7am because I don’t need to join the morning rush. One thing that I appreciate here in Middle Park is its close proximity to the business area. From banks to salon, grocery to coffee shops, almost everything is complete. Weekends are best spent for wellness regimen. My family enjoys the morning walk at the park as we head to the market place for some grocery shopping. Across the park are other residents who are doing their fitness routine.

Middle Park is such a friendly place for families. There’s a golf area, tennis court, badminton court, swimming pool and a bowling lane for those who are enthusiasts of these sports. We love sports that is why we visit these spots often. While spending some time at the bowling club last Sunday, one of the players met an accident. He accidentally slipped into the side lane of the bowling area and fell on the floor while the ball was still in his fingers. Paramedics came and rushed him to the hospital. That person happens to be our neighbour and so I was concerned about his condition. I suspected sprain or fractured bone occurred to him because I saw him in pain after the accident. Also, I know he would be needing physiotherapy treatment.

The next day I went to visit our next door neighbour and check on his condition. He had a fracture on his left leg as caused by falling and swollen muscles on his right hand, particularly near the wrist. Based on doctor’s advice, he is recommended to undergo rehab after two weeks. I offered my clinic for his rehab and I will not charge him for this. Since he is limited to some movements at the moment, I told her wife to visit our site and check how we conduct treatment to our patients. My husband and I are just so glad we could be of help to them. I know how important work is, that is why I am looking forward to his recovery. Good thing, he is working in a company with a kind and understanding supervisor.

My clinic which is close to Middle Park is staffed with licensed and well-trained physiotherapists who are performing their duties efficiently. We attend to our patients on a one-on-one scheme following a specific number of minutes per session. Physiotherapy encompasses a number of treatment methods focusing on the different parts of the body. Our massage therapy applies not only to injured patients but also to persons who are experiencing body pain due to stress and bad posture. Our goal is to achieve complete recovery at the end of the session.

In two weeks-time, my Middle Park neighbour will have his therapy in my clinic and I will facilitate the therapy myself. I hope that he get to recover fast so he’d be able to get back to work as well.