My First Trip to a Retirement Village

My First Trip to a Retirement Village

UPDATE: Our Bawlyn Physio Clinic has moved to Hawthorn

Today, there are many options for the retired and the elderly when it comes to community care and residential homes. Personally, I’ve been to many nursing homes and elderly health care facilities, but what really caught my attention and curiosity were retirement villages. Upon visiting my friend staying in a retirement village in Balwyn, I was impressed and astonished at how different it was from centers I’ve been to before.

It was quite obvious that space was of no problem to this community. Land and greeneries sprawled the area and it was definitely a sight to see. It has a tranquil garden setting that elderly people prefer and enjoy. The variety of leisurely activities available, such as swimming pools, private gardens, and a golf course, available to the residents also added to the ambiance of the place.

After the long chat I had with my friend, it was crystal clear that she is living a comfortable life in this retirement village. Other than having her personal space, she is still allowed to have the simple pleasures she had in her previous home. The management has no restrictions in pet ownership, thus she has her dog to accompany and entertain her all throughout the day. Likewise, there is no need to ask permission if she wants to visit her neighbours or take an early morning stroll in the vicinity. Clearly, the institution wants them to make the most out of their ageing while being in control of his/her own schedules and activities.

Because this village has fitness centers, restaurants, libraries, cafes, and lounges, within and nearby, residents can easily socialize with their fellow neighbours. My friend has introduced me to her own circle of friends that she became close with, thanks to movie nights held weekly. Thanks to administration, its residents were encouraged to become socially involved and engaged as they stay here.

Another commendable attribute I found in this vicinity is its convenience. It has food stalls, mini grocery stores, clinics, a chapel and a meditation area, and salons inside. My friend mentioned that she has no problem in accessing and buying her basic needs as everything is within reach. And if a place is too far to reach on foot, she just calls for the community transport service and in an instant, she is given a ride from Point A to Point B.

As I toured around the village, it was evident that the people are well-taken care of. Since most of them have their own nutritional needs and cases, their food specialists, chefs, and doctors, who cook and manage their daily meals. They can cater to both the preferences and health requirements of each person, at the same time, provide great dining experiences in their halls and rooms coupled with a home’s ambiance. As much as possible, chefs use natural and organic produce to ensure the well-being of their friends.

Aside from the nutritious food being served in their tables, the elderly also have 24/7 access to clinics with registered nurses, doctors, and therapists. As a therapist myself, I checked if they had the needed facilities that would suit numerous possible health complications and conditions. To my surprise, they had centers for physiotherapy, podiatry, diversional therapy, and rehabilitation. Plus, there are enough medical and health staff that can assist and check on their patients. I can really say that my friend is in good hands in this retirement village.

But even if they have all these amenities and doctors, not all of the physiotherapy services are offered here.  For this reason, my friend asked me to give her hand therapy exercises and routines.  Other than these, she requested for my weekly visit so I can perform manual approach treatments for her and her friends. Patients can click here to visit my clinic.

If ever an emergency happens, each person has a list of who to call in different situations. There are emergency alert units and telephones provided in each home and there are at least two pharmacies on site. Response is quick because of the systems created by the management.

Medicational monitoring and rounds are typical in this village. Housekeepers and cleaners are also offered to all, the same goes for gym trainers and exercise instructors. And what’s more, is that they have pastors and spiritual leaders who conduct worship and meditation sessions for them. I can’t help but say that I’m more than impressed by the medical, health, and personal services offered by this institution. No wonder my friend has no complaints and regrets when she transferred here in the village.

Overall, this experience was a great exposure of how care facilities and specialists like me handle and ensure the wellbeing of the elderly. This just shows that even if they are ageing, we can still give them what they need and want to live a happy life.

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes patients from Balwyn, a sought after suburb northeast of our Hawthorn Physio Clinic. Balwyn is popular with families bringing up children, as well as trendsetters, professionals, singles and retirees.