My Routine Fitness at Genesis St Kilda Road

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes clients from St Kilda, a multicultural riverside suburb that’s popular with professionals, singles, families, retirees, and hipsters to our South Yarra Physio Clinic.

As a full-time physiotherapist, I always make it a point to keep myself strong and healthy. Obviously, combining this two responsibilities is definitely not an easy task, but I never regret a thing. To be able to do all my duties well, I enrolled at Fit441 on St Kilda Road for a fitness class where I spend one hour per session for three days in a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, from 5pm – 6pm, I am at the Fit441 St Kilda Rd doing workout activities with the help of a fitness instructor.

Being in the medical industry, I’ve always known that health is a priority factor in life. I know for a fact that food intake should be taken in the right amount so as not to go obese. Although, I am not overweight, I want to ensure that my weight is within the normal range. I am always on the look-out on what I eat to make sure I have a good diet.

Being the head therapist in my clinic, working five days a week at 7-8 hours a days is quite tiring. When I started as the only therapist in the clinic, I become very exhausted at the end of the day as I have to attend to a long queue of patients. Years have gone by and my clinic now has ten physiotherapists. This gives me the peace of mind that every patient can be attended to well. I take pride on having a team of certified and efficient physiotherapists because I was able to train them well. Without my supervision, I feel at ease because they have exhibited professionalism and expertise in their job.

Towards the end of the day, I can leave earlier as I have to attend my fitness class. Fit441 Fitness Center St Kilda Road is just a few minutes from my clinic. This makes it more convenient for me because I only have to walk a few blocks. Working out is such a pleasurable activity because I get to sweat a lot and learn new exercise modules every session. At the gym, I was able to meet some career moms like me. We can relate very well because inserting some time for fitness is sometimes difficult to do. But with proper time management, we finally have gotten the opportunity to enroll in fitness. For us first-timers, it is expected that body aches will are part of the regimen. And so I took the opportunity to invite them for a massage at my clinic. They love the idea and will pay a visit at physio clinic soon. I also asked them to visit for more details they want to know.

At this point, I have managed my time well between work, family and fitness. My partner is very supportive as he picks me up at 6pm together. When there’s no more time to cook, we just dine out for a healthy dinner. While they order their favorite food, I enjoy my salads.