Treating a Football Player in Middle Park Due to Injury

When football season strikes, I always tell my fellow physiotherapists at the clinic to be ready for possible entry of patients with sport injuries, sprains and muscle problems. I guess my prediction was right, although not one hundred percent accurate. Just right after a championship game at the Middle Park Football Club, a number of football players went to my clinic and requested for rehab and massage therapy. Each player was attended by one therapist and one assistant.

My clinic has been operating for quite some time now and I am just so thankful because we have gradually grown in number over the years. At this time, several medical practitioners are working in my clinic, comprising of certified physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants, all of which are well-trained and competent in their own fields. The work environment is very conducive that is why patients and clientele are increasing as well. In my clinic, break times are often bypassed because patients are our priority. We follow a system of taking breaks alternately so that patients won’t stay long on the queue.

Yesterday, most of our patients were football players. And since we have discussed about the possibility of their coming to the clinic, we have prepared ourselves for remediation techniques and methods. While most of them complained about body aches and muscle spasm, one from Middle Park Football Club has gotten an injury which needs further rehab. He has swollen ankle on his right foot probably due to a bad kick or wrong position during the game. With this, I required him to undergo five more sessions to ensure full recovery. Also, he is definitely not allowed to play in the meantime or engage into any strenuous activity.

If it is a swollen muscle issue, what we do is facilitate a combination of hot pack/cold pack application, followed by massage and assisted exercise. On the fifth session of rehab, patient should move normally without any pain involved. This applied to our patient with swollen ankle.

Football is a strenuous game where all of the body muscles, specifically leg and foot, are at work. When these muscles work beyond the limits, they become stressed and swollen. Immediate treatment is required in order for the muscle strands to get back to their normal position and functioning.

Sport injuries are common problems that we treat here at Middle Park Physiotherapy. My co-physiotherapists and I went through extensive studies on treating injuries related to sports and gaming activities. We perform techniques that are only applicable to the patient’s threshold to pain. This means, we do not force the patient to undergo rehab procedures when they are in severe pain. The reason why we conduct more than one session is because we have to ensure that pain slowly disappears and normality in movement becomes progressive. When the patient reaches full recovery, this indicates the end of the rehab sessions.

Physiotherapy is not only focused on sport injuries. It covers a wide range of treatment methods intended for patients of all ages and of various health problems. We also facilitate preventive treatment methods to patients who want to prevent or combat pain due to a pre-existing health issue.

If you live in Middle Park and require physio treatments, don’t hesitate to contact us.