What a Day Looks Like for Me at the Fitness Gym

What a Day Looks Like for Me at the Fitness Gym

UPDATE: Our Bawlyn Physio Clinic has moved to Hawthorn

More and more individuals are hitting the gym for a variety of reasons. Some do it for health reasons while others do it for competition purposes. I have also met some individuals who are in the gym simply because their friends are there, too. I don’t necessarily care what their reasons for going to the gym are, as long as they are really motivated in getting in shape and doing the correct way of becoming physically fit, then that would definitely be fine.

Unfortunately, many of the individuals I’ve seen in a fitness session in Balywn community gym are not doing it correctly. In fact, I have seen quite a few people unable to return for their next several sessions because of an overstretched muscle or even a twisted ankle. Sometimes, I see people limping in pain because of muscle injuries. Some even attempt to lift weights that are not really appropriate for their level of strength and skill.

I am not a personal trainer but I am a physiotherapist so I should know when people are using their muscles the wrong way. I also know that pain is one of the most common complaints of people who injure their muscles because of wrong body mechanics. You can check out our physiotherapy services at https://www.capitalphysiotherapy.com.au/balwyn/ so you will have an idea of the kinds of sports and fitness injuries that we provide treatment and management for.

When I go for my fitness session at the gym, the very first thing I do is to get myself into the groove. I have to make sure that I have the correct mindset before I step inside the gym. I think this is crucial because not putting your heart and mind to what you are doing is simply not worth pursuing. So, I make sure that both my body and my mind is really in the zone for some fitness workout. To help me with that, I wear the correct fitness attire. I want to be able to move freely as I do my stretches, run on the treadmill, or even perform a variety of activities on the various fitness equipment. I also, bring with me my iPod as I find it a lot better to be in the groove with an upbeat music. Again, this is me so I don’t actually expect it will work for you, too.

Next, I always do warm-up exercises before I get into the actual fitness sessions. I flex my joints and stretch my muscles so I will be sure they are properly primed for the different exercises. Sometimes, I will take a jog with the treadmill or even take the stationary bike and have it on a leisurely stroll just to warm up my muscles. I also do jumping jacks just to get my heart ready. I do the warming-up for about 5 to 10 minutes before I know I am ready.

In my fitness exercises, I always go for variety. I know that cardiovascular training is important but it is also equally important to strengthen the muscles. So I make sure that I have both. I usually alternate my cardio training with my strength training on different days. This is to make sure that I don’t injure my muscles needlessly if I perform both of them in a single day. But, I have seen some people who perform about an hour of cardio training followed by 10 to 15 minutes of cooling down period before shifting into strength training. Unfortunately, this is not for me. Well, not yet anyway. That is why it is always best to seek the advice of a fitness trainer so you will know what kind of exercise regimen will work best for you.

During my workout sessions, I always make sure to rest in between exercises. A 2-minute break is often enough to allow my muscles to cool off a bit before I move on to the next exercise routine. This is to make sure that my body, especially my muscles, is getting all the oxygen it needs, lest it builds up lactic acid leading to severe muscle cramps. Besides, it’s a great way to try and breathe in as much air to replenish those in my lungs. I also don’t forget my water. As we work our muscles, they do tend to overheat. An overheating muscle is not so efficient in the performance of its physiologic processes. So, I make sure to have plenty of fresh, cool water.

Before I head out the gym, I make sure to cool-down first. If warming-up is important, cooling-down is equally important to make sure your muscles are ready to resume its normal physiologic functions. I often spend several minutes resting in the gym first right after cooling down before I head out the door.

This is how I complete my fitness sessions. The key is for you to understand what your body really needs. Listening to it is the next crucial thing you can do.

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