Family Staying at Quest Apartment on St Kilda Road

Capital Physiotherapy welcomes clients from St Kilda, a multicultural riverside suburb that’s popular with professionals, singles, families, retirees, and hipsters to our South Yarra Physio Clinic.

Two of the most important things in my life are work and family that is why I make it a point to put a balance between these two. However, there are times when work becomes so demanding that I have to spend more time in the clinic than home. Fortunately, my family has always been supportive to my career. They truly understand the importance of the service that I dedicate to my patients. Nonetheless, there’s always weekends for family quality time.

In the next two weeks, my parents and siblings are coming here and will spend about a month for a vacation. This is what’s keeping me busy these days as I have to look for an apartment for them to stay. Although they can stay in my house, the problem is, there are only two rooms available. This means, it will be crowded and inconvenient for them.

Good thing, one of my clinic staff recommended a nice place on St Kilda Road – Quest Apartment. It is fully furnished, affordable and best of all, close to my clinic. I’m pretty sure, my family will love the place. If they want to have a massage on St Kilda Road, they can just a few-minute walk to my clinic.

Each unit at the Quest Apartment on St Kilda Road is very spacious; it can accommodate a family of five to six members. It is complete with amenities that will make the renters stay relaxing and convenient. My family will surely appreciate the place. With its close proximity to the central business district, access to facilities is easy and stress-free.

I have spoken with the landlord and made arrangements already this day. Should my family want to stay longer, I can just request for an extension with the same affordable rates. At this point, accommodation for my family is ready. Now, I can concentrate on my patients at the clinic. I feel so relaxed now.

The next thing is to pick them up at the airport on their arrival. That’s like fourteen days from now therefore, I have plenty of time to schedule. The thought of having my family close to my clinic makes me happy to see them around. A trip to the beach, shopping and restaurant eating are just some of the things that are playing in my mind right now.

Meanwhile, in my clinic, there’s a long queue of patients who are being attended to by my staff. When I leave the clinic for some errands and appointments, I need not worry because my clinic staff are just so competent and reliable, they work efficiently without my supervision. Patients are satisfied as well. This gives me the peace of mind that when my family arrives from Malaysia, I can have the assurance that my staff will provide the same quality treatment to our patients while I am frequently away.