Fix Your Bad Back Posture With These Exercises

Do you always have a spine that looks like this no matter what you do, can’t seem to fix your bad posture? You know you are hunching and hear people talking about bad posture all the time but can’t seem to fix it? Well today in this blog post, I’m going to share with you some tips and exercises to help with this issue and also explain to you why good posture is Not good for you!

If you have scoliosis you will probably find that out quite early in your life either by a GP or nurse or any health professional that you come across as it will be very obvious that your shoulder or hip doesn’t align, and it’s hard to miss.

What I find mostly left undiagnosed are people who are suffering from mild to moderate Scheuermann’s disease or Scheuermann’s kyphosis,

  • Back pain.
  • Tight hamstrings.
  • Rigid curvature of the spine (kyphosis).
  • Loss of flexibility.
  • Slouching, or posture that gets worse over time.

Roughly 4 to 8 percent of people have it, and it occurs in males twice as often as in females. It normally runs in the family. I normally pick it up when people are lying on the treatment table facing down, if it’s a postural habit the back will be flat, if your spine is inborn with slight curvature, it will still be showing when you are lying down.

A good deal of healthcare professionals may tell you about your posture and how you need to change them. But there is no way you can change your spine to straight when they are not born straight to begin with!

So good posture for you is not an option, and you shouldn’t force yourself into the so-called “good posture” as it might just load up some other area of your spine which will lead to more issues.

Because of the nature of your spine

  • you will always have a high tendency to have spinal related problems such as neck, shoulder  and back pain.
  • you will always have certain muscle groups to be tighter and weaker,
  • you are more likely to prefer certain positions to offload the tension, which would lead to the progression of this problem

It’s not all bad. Today I’m going to share with you some exercises that will not correct the curvature of your spine but to help prevent this problem from getting worse.

These series of videos that I’m starting to make are targeting these postural muscles groups.

To help improve your conditioning workout routine, rehab and to improve your stability of your joints while you continue to enjoy the sports that you love or just to enjoy a more pain free living.

Keeping in mind, these tips and advice are of general nature and do not take your injuries/history into considerations. If you are experiencing any pain or would like an individualised tailored program to help improve your running, I highly recommend you speak to any one of your physiotherapists to guide you through your running journey.

Here at Capital Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are the experts in helping you to fix your issues as well as all the discomfort that comes with it!

We can help you lead a healthier and pain free lifestyle.

Our physiotherapist will be able to give a full assessment on you and come out with individualised advice/ treatment plan that is tailored for your particular needs.

At Capital Physiotherapy, your initial appointment is 40-60minutes long. This allows our physios to be thorough in their assessment, as well as giving them enough time to give you treatment on the same consultation!

For any physiotherapy related concerns drop us an email or make an appointment through our booking system!  


Additional Information:

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