Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms Near Me

Are you experiencing shoulder pain and suspecting a rotator cuff tear? You’re not alone. Rotator cuff tears are a common shoulder injury, especially among athletes and older adults. But how do you know if your shoulder pain is a rotator cuff tear and not something else?

Here’s a quick guide to the symptoms of rotator cuff tears:

  • Pain: The most common symptom of a rotator cuff tear is pain in the shoulder, especially when you move your arm overhead or behind your back. The pain may also be worse at night, making it difficult to sleep on the affected side.
  • Weakness: You may also experience weakness in your shoulder, making it difficult to lift objects or perform other activities that require overhead arm movements.
  • Catching or grinding sensation: You might feel a catching, grinding, or popping sensation in your shoulder when you move your arm.
  • Limited range of motion: You may have difficulty moving your arm through its full range of motion, especially when trying to reach overhead or behind your back.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek your closest Capital Physiotherapy to seek assessment and for diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent further damage to your rotator cuff and improve your chances of a full recovery. Hesitation may cause further issues, including chronic pain.

Capital Physiotherapy have 3 locations:

  • Capital Physiotherapy South Yarra
    • Located at 38-40 Garden St, South Yarra, VIC 3141
    • 0401 865 333
  • Capital Physiotherapy Footscray
    • Located at 59 Hopkins St, Footscray, VIC 3011
    • 0434 720 730
  • Capital Physiotherapy Hawthorn

If you have any rotator cuff tear symptoms, go to your closest Capital Physiotherapy clinics. Book now or call using the above phone numbers.

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