Why Do My Lower Back Pops & Clicks?

Does your lower back or the back of your hip keep making popping noises while you do leg raises exercises? If it clicks and pops without pain should you be concerned? Can this problem be fixed? Well this is what we will be discussing in .

Our lower back is joint at the pelvis and then to the hip, this joint that connects your lower back to your pelvis is what we call the sacroiliac joint or in short the (SIJ) joint.

This structure is mostly stabilised by very very strong  ligaments around the area, hence if for some reasons your  ligaments are loosening and you don’t have the muscles strength around that area  to stabilise this structure, it will start to move every time you move your legs and your back creating a popping sound with or without pain.

If it’s causing popping sensation without pain should you be concerned? The answer is Yes. Even if you don’t feel the pain you should still be concerned as this issue is an indication that you have weak lower back and hip muscles and if left untreated you will have a higher risk of developing lower back or hip issues down the track. Especially for women, if you are already experiencing SIJ clicking now, if you are planning to have a baby in the future you have a very high risk of having lower back issues throughout the pregnancy and even after the pregnancy when there is more weight on your back and when the hormone of the pregnancy relaxes the ligaments even more.

Our back has our back muscles and bum (hip muscles) that works together to specifically stabilise this joint while they are moving. These muscle groups are what we call the Posterior Oblique Sling muscles.  

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