Runner’s Knee Pain (ITB Syndrome)

ITB Syndrome (Iliotibial friction syndrome) is one of the most common causes of “Runner’s Knee”. Being an overuse injury, it is caused by repeated trauma rather than a specific incident.
It arises at its proximal end from the tendons of the tensor fasciae latae and gluteus maximus muscles. From its origin, the Iliotibial tract travels along the lateral side of the thigh and across the knee joint, inserting on the lateral epicondyle of the tibia.

Sign and Symptom:

  • Pain with activities that require repetitive activities involving knee flexion-extension
  • Burning pain at the outer aspect of the knee.
  • The pain tends to be worse when running or coming down stairs.
  • There may be an audible snapping sensation the knee bends due to the band flicks over the bony tubercle.
  • There may also be some swelling on the outer side of the knee.
  • Pain is also exacerbated when running a long distance.
  • The onset occurred most frequently at the lateral knee after 2-3 km of running, or hiking over 16km.

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