Why Are Knock Knees Not Allowed in the Army


Knock knees are what we call (Valgus knee) in the medical term.

Knock knees can be one of the reasons to be deemed unfit for defence forces. 

Why are knock knees not allowed in the army?

Answer is simple, in the military training you will need to go through vigorous physical training i.e Long distance running 30-40km, long standing, heavy lifting, crawling, climbing etc.

If you have knock knees, your knees will not be able to cope with the amount of load needed in the military training. Hence, even if they allow you to join the training, sooner or later you will most likely find that your knees will not be able to cope with all these physical demands.

Those medical prerequisites are put in place for the health of the applicants. 

If you have knock knees you are naturally at a higher risk of getting knee injuries such as

  • Meniscus tear
  • Knee early arthritis
  • Knee ligament strain
  • Knee Capsule strain

Having said that, most people with knock knees live their life fine with no need for surgical intervention. People who generally experience pain and need surgeries are generally the more severe cases and also if they put too much physical load on the knee via exercises or work in their daily activities.

Hence, it is important that if you have knock knees that you do the right exercises to keep your knees and legs strong and avoid high impact activities to slow down the progression of the wear and tear of your knee structures.

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